Wade Redden Retires: Remembering Good and Bad


As many of you probably already know former NHL defensemen Wade Redden has announced his retirement after 14 seasons in the NHL. Wade Redden played for the Ottawa Senators, New York Rangers, St Louis Blues and Boston Bruins. In 1023 games played in the NHL Redden scored 109 goals and had 457 points. Continue reading


5 Notes about the NHL Teams


Same as the last blog a few notes on 5 NHL related topics enjoy!

Carolina Hurricanes: The Hurricanes are starting to make some noise this season. The Canes in the last 10 games are 5-3-2 and are slowly climbing the standings. The biggest factor for this team has been the emergence of Eric Staal who has 7 points in the last 5 games. Continue reading

A View on Six NHL Teams


Is it time for another hockey blog? I think so, below I made a few comments about some of the teams in the NHL check and see if your team made the list and enjoy!

Phoenix Coyotes: Isn’t it nice that we don’t hear the word Phoenix anymore, or at all? Currently fifth in the Western conference the Coyotes are flying under the radar with a 14-4-3 record, that’s good enough for first place in the Eastern conference! Too bad the Yotes are in the West; another amazing thing is they are 9-0-1 at home, which is incredible, unfortunately they are only averaging over 12 000 fans, but the best part about all of this. Continue reading

Laviolette is Out, Is Holmgren Next?

One out

So Peter Laviolette has been fired by the Philadelphia Flyers after an 0-3 start you say? Its about time too, maybe the Flyers owner should throw in their GM, I know it sounds harsh, but both of them haven’t helped the team ever since they lost the Cup to the Chicago Blackhawks in 2012. The Flyers would make the playoffs twice the next two years after losing the Cup and they were still considered to contenders, but bad decision-making and a bad injury, or two led to the teams demise. Continue reading

Part 3: Let Invader Zim, Invade us once Again!

Invader zIm !

So first we had Hey Arnold and then Reboot, two great shows that I think we would all like to see back on the air. The third and final show I have picked is a new show that I have recently watched and really enjoyed and that show is Invader Zim. When I say new, I mean that the show is new to me not new to the world, but I digress.

Created by Jhonen Vasquez and originally ran from March 2001-December 2002, Invader Zim only had 27 episodes aired, before it was officially cancelled. For those who haven’t seen the show, you might be wondering how it’s popular and why I am writing about it. The genre of this show is black comedy, black comedy and is science fiction comic. The show is about an alien from the Irken race named Zim and his servant robot named Gir. Zim had been banished from his home world after attacking his own planet and allies, but Zim got tired of being banished and would be sent to earth to destroy it. Continue reading

Part 2: Return Reboot To Us!

Reboot photo

Last Blog I wrote about one show I think that should come back from its cliffhanger that it left us and finish its story the way it should finish. That show was Hey Arnold, today I will talk about a show made in Canada that was considered to be advanced for its time and widely popular, if the picture I have posted didn’t give it away, then you never seen Reboot before! Continue reading

Shows That Should Finish Where They Started: Part 1 of 3

Hey arnold blog
Don’t you hate it when you watch a TV show, or series and it gives you a cliffhanger, or goes off the air and never finishes the story properly? As a kid I couldn’t stand it and as a young adult I still can’t stand it! I think you get where I am going with this, in this blog I shall talk about three shows I really enjoyed as a kid and still enjoy today, that unfortunately ended abruptly. Shows that I think should be allowed to finish where they start! Continue reading