New Podcast Coming Your Way!

Today I am pleased to announce that I have started a podcast with my good friend Sean. The title of our new podcast is 4ES (4th Estate, Entertainment and Sports) and the title explains it all. We plan to talk about sports and entertainment news that we feel you will enjoy. We are fans and we will be acting like fans through out this podcast, giving our opinion on what’s going on in the Sports and Entertainment World, as fans. We plan to talk about many different areas such as NHL, MLB, NFL, CFL, EPL, UFC, TV, Movies, Video Games etc. Continue reading


L.A. Gains great Sports Personalities in Jay and Dan


Say it ain’t so! Jay and Dan are leaving TSN for Fox Sports in Los Angeles! Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are hosts of Sports Center and their own podcast for those people who did not know, for those who do know who they are they will remember how hilarious these guys really are. The two of them brought humor and a lot of fun to Sportscentre and made it more entertaining to watch every morning. The two of them had gotten so popular on TSN that other Sportcentre hosts started to copy some of the things that Jay and Dan would do regularly on the show. Continue reading