A View on Six NHL Teams


Is it time for another hockey blog? I think so, below I made a few comments about some of the teams in the NHL check and see if your team made the list and enjoy!

Phoenix Coyotes: Isn’t it nice that we don’t hear the word Phoenix anymore, or at all? Currently fifth in the Western conference the Coyotes are flying under the radar with a 14-4-3 record, that’s good enough for first place in the Eastern conference! Too bad the Yotes are in the West; another amazing thing is they are 9-0-1 at home, which is incredible, unfortunately they are only averaging over 12 000 fans, but the best part about all of this. Continue reading


Two NHL Cents: Cooke and Rinne

Matt Cook and Pekka Rinne

Matt Cook and Pekka Rinne

Poor Matt Cooke, even when he tries to stay away from controversy he manages to find it and anger a whole mess of people. For those who do not know what happened Matt Cooke had been part of an unfortunate play in a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators. The play happened with Cooke pinning Ottawa defensemen Erik Karlsson into the boards and having his skate cut Karlssons Achilles tendon on his left foot to about 70% damage. Continue reading