10 Bands/Songs From the Late 90’s

Growing up as a kid in the 90’s was pretty fantastic, especially when it came to television, there was so much to watch and enjoy. There was one show that had many Canadian kids and teens watching weekly to see the top music videos and songs of that era. That show was the Hit List, which is the show that influenced this blog post!

The Hit List was either two things, a terrible show promoting the garbage bands of the 90’s, or was the distributor of songs and bands you knew and loved as a kid and probably still have a few songs hidden on your iPod, or it’s both. One thing is for sure there are a few bands who keep making comeback tours, you know the ones, people are going crazy for them! Well this post isn’t about those bands, I don’t even need to say their names, because you know who they are, but here is a top 10 list, of some of the bands/songs you may have forgotten over time.

Keep in mind this list has no specific order, it’s just ten bands and their songs. These are meant to jog your memory. The criteria for the bands is this, they must have been around in at least the mid 90’s, there won’t be much historical context aside that, this is just to sit back and hopefully enjoy a song, or two.

Here we go, number 10: The Moffats

Ah the Canadian boy band the Moffats, started out in the late 80’s and survived all the way until 2001, but hey at least these guys used instruments instead of running around dancing the whole time, like a lot of the other people below. They had popular songs such as, Misery, Just Another Phase and this one Bang Bang Boom.

Number 9: Soul Decision

Another Canadian band you might not remember exactly, but they had hits like Gravity, Tonight, Let’s Do It Right and this somewhat corny song Ooh It’s Kinda Crazy, what’s not to like about this song, or well this video, the clothes, the hair, the N64, they were as 90’s as you could get, also seeing a guy on a laptop seems odd it must have been slow!

Number 8: Five

This British band was weird, they had a lot of strange music videos and pissed off a lot of people singing songs like We Will Rock You, by Queen. Goofy is a word that is probably perfect for this band and this video Don’t Want To Let You Go. Oh yeah they had top songs such as, Everybody get up, When the Lights Go Out, Let’s Dance and dare I say my personal favorite Rock the Party, hmm maybe I should have posted that song instead.

Number 7: Prozzäk

Yet another Canadian band out of Toronto, this band had a unique style, all it’s music videos were cartoons and they told the story about Milo and Simon, two guys in search of love? Sure why not? although the format was strange, it was different and it helped out with songs Sucks to Be You, Strange Disease, Be As (which is meant to have a sweet message, but it’s just weird) and this lovely song http://www.nevergetoveryou, sounds depressing, but it was catchy! Also you can’t forget this predates Facebook and 90% of the people you know having cellphones, which means using a whole website to contact someone wasn’t that weird, or maybe it was really weird just the same.

Number 6: Eiffel 65

If you can’t remember this Italian Europop group then what’s wrong with you? Everyone knew the song Blue! They were blue and if they were green they would die… wasn’t that what they were saying the whole time? Anyway this was another late 90’s band that popped on the scene and gave us Blue, the link you see below, Too Much of Heaven and Move Your Body. A few of the music videos involved the guys running around with an alien, sometimes he was good sometimes he was bad, it’s actually confusing. Seriously if you can’t remember, then maybe you’re too young, or maybe you’re just unlucky you missed out on this band. Try not to let the video and it’s ahem, high quality graphics make your eyes bleed.

Number 5: Dream

Does anyone actually remember Dream? I only remember them because of this song. To be honest, I couldn’t even remember the bands name, I had to google the lyrics and got the lyrics wrong. Luckily google is magic and helped me find this song and trust me, I’m using luckily in the ironic sense. They had top songs called This is Me and He Loves U Not, maybe they had others, but I’m afraid to check, either way I remember this on the hit list, so here is He Loves U Not!

Number 4: A-Teens

A-Teens also known as Abba Teens, oh man please RUN NOW, seriously I’m regretting putting them on this list, but they are part of this super random criteria so here they are. The Swedish Abba teens had such great hits… well they had music and it’s still on youtube and that’s something right? I mean Dream is better than this band, I was at least whiling to research Dream a bit more. Ok I’ll stop being mean now, their top song is the one you see below which is Upside Down, that’s all I got, so enjoy!

Number 3: Chumbawamba

I put this band here cause their name is funny and it brings me back to reality that the last two songs took me out of. Also I had help with this one, (Thanks 🙂 ) and because Serial Joe had poor quality with the one song I wanted to show, anyway Chumbawamba. I get it, they started in the 80’s but one song which is the one you’ll see below is another reason why they hit the list (get it !) anyway Tubthumping is the song they also had other hits such as Amnesia, Add Me, Top of the World.

Before we reach number two, here’s a bonus track, because maybe some of these bands have annoyed you already, hopefully Steal My Sunshine by Len makes you feel a bit better, I know I did after hearing the A-Teens again, by accident, seriously I’m listening to Metallica, or Rise Against when this is all said and done.

Number 2: B4 4

Oh man I’ve been waiting to talk about this band, again Canadian, you have to remember that one song they did called Get Down. First off why the hell did our parents listen to songs like this, it’s weird, really weird to think that all of us 90’s kids would sing this song. Also add in the goofy hair, dancing, and obvious bromance going on and bam you have a random Canadian Boy band, that dare I say, wants to get down. Believe it, or not they hard other top songs like, Go Go, Ball and Chain and the song belong Get Down, when you watch this please enjoy the hilarity.

Number 1: S Club 7

Ok I will admit, they are probably a guilty pleasure group for a lot of us… including myself, but who can blame them? I mean they have everything you need and they have us songs that people still to this day sing and of course are karaoke favorites. The band even has their own girl that looks like baby spice, well sort of, and another member named Rachel who sort of looks like Jennifer Aniston when she was playing Rachel on Friends, what’s not to like?! This British pop band is pretty fantastic and maybe it’s just my brain melting from all the 90’s pop nostalgia, but they were awesome who didn’t enjoy Bring It All Back, Two in A Million, Reach, Natural ,Don’t Stop Moving, S Club Party and the heart-wrenching song Never had a Dream Come True! Let’s also remember that their songs weren’t that over the top compared to stuff, like I don’t know B4 4. They also had a pretty terrible television show, but who cares they were awesome, which sort of made that show awesome. So to finish of this blog post here are a bunch of their songs, I dare you to not get addicted!

Enjoy this list? Leave thoughts and comments below, share one facebook and remind your friends what late 90’s music was like and follow me on twitter @NVincelli

If you made it this far thanks for reading and watching!


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