Habs beat Leafs: Fans Shouldn’t just Blame Reimer

Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Well that was a close one wasn’t it? 4-3 Win for the Montreal Canadiens over the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was a good game a lot of back and forth action, weird lack of penalties and some weird goals especially the Tomas Plekanec game winning goal that managed to squeak by James Reimer, but this isn’t an analysis of this game, there are enough people out there who can do that, what I’m talking about is what I noticed after the game ended.

When the clock hit zero at the ACC twitter exploded with many Leaf fans complaining about one thing, James Reimer. The Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender is getting all the blame for this loss and all the blame for the last four loses and, yes, it makes sense you usually blame your goalie if you lose, but in this case I think the Leaf fans need to blame someone else in this case and that’s Randy Carlyle.

Long story short, when the Leafs lost against the Detroit Red Wings recently, when the media asked Carlyle what did he think of Reimer he said this “I thought he was okay, you know, just okay,” doesn’t seem like the worst thing ever said, but Carlyles tone was pretty harsh and of course the brilliant media immediately ran to Reimer to let him know what his coach said about him, nothing like kicking you while you’re right?

So fast forward to today and Reimer clearly has no confidence left, zero confidence, if this was a video game where your character had a confidence stat, you would need to cheat to get any of Reimer’s confidence back. So Leaf fans thank Carlyle for the problem and heck blame the media for create this little fire. Look I’m really not a Leafs fan, but this topic really gets on my nerves so I have to rant.

Yes I get it Jonathan Bernier is the Leafs starter, but he’s injured right now, so be confident in the kid, don’t treat him like crap and then expect him to be lights out, it just doesn’t work like that today. The Leafs are battling for a playoff spot and they clearly need Bernier back if they really want to make it cause at this rate, Washington, Columbus and Detroit are breathing down the Leafs back and they are very happy that they are having a melt down.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not a Maple Leafs fan what so ever, if they don’t make the playoffs it won’t affect me in any negative way. The only reason why I am talking about this is I actually feel bad for Reimer and I hope he will get a better team to play for, cause he isn’t being treated properly at all. If it wasn’t for him last year the Leafs playoff drought would have been longer. If the Leafs miss the playoffs this year don’t blame Reimer, blame Carlyle and pray his fat butt gets run out of Toronto, because in this particular case it isn’t just the goalies fault it’s the coaches fault and blame the media as well, they don’t get a free pass here either.

Well this has certainly been the longest blog I have written about the Maple Leafs, it felt weird, but honestly the way Reimer is getting treated is really bugging me, anyway on to a few NHL notes.

Canadiens: The Habs have a few funny stats and notes; first off, Dale Weise is 10-2-1 in the games he has actually played for the Canadiens. Tomas Vanek has 4 goals and one assist in the games he has played since being traded, why does this matter well not only does he make Desharnais and Pacioretty look better he also has more points and goals than Alex Kovalev did when he got traded to Montreal.

Ryan O’Reilly: I don’t want to jinx it, but how the heck has he not gotten a single penalty yet? The NHL might as well give him the Lady Byng trophy, unless he gets a bunch or major penalties and misconducts, this trophy is a lock for O’Reilly.

Sabres: Let’s face it the Sabres have a lot of draft picks in the first couple of rounds for the next could of seasons. One of the most interesting picks is the one they got when they traded Vanek away, it is an Islanders pick that can defer it to 2015 as opposed to using it this year if it is in the top 10 this year. It’s a bit confusing, but basically the they can use it in 2014 and 2015. Its kind of a hard decision, because there might be someone they really want this year, or they can hope that the Islanders are so bad next season that the Sabres get a really good prospect like I don’t know Conner Mcdavid. Its an interesting situation if it was up to me, I’d wait till 2015.

Thanks for reading Sorry for taking so long in writing another blog, I have been pretty busy with stuff, I hope to get another remember them soon.

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