Remember Them?


This is a new little pop culture section part of my blog that I am going to try out. I will pick random people, places, TV shows, or things from the past that you may remember from your Childhood, or different era. I hope you enjoy, or laugh at the memories!

Eiffel 65 the Italian Dance/Europop group, remember them? They were the pop sensation in the late 90’s that came out with songs such as Move Your Body, Lucky In My Life and of course Blue! You know Blue, the song that everyone thought a child that the lyrics were I’m Blue and if I was green I would die? Come on you can’t lie to me, you thought those were the lyrics as a kid, but in the end they weren’t.

This was a group that came out in a time where boy bands and pop groups became way to big and they were active from 1998-2005 and apparently are active again. Jeffrey Jey, Gabry Ponte and Maurizio Lobina were the three guys part of this group. If you still don’t remember these guys well remember in their music videos they had a blue alien friend apparently named Zorotl, personally I had no idea he had a name.

Their album Europop was their biggest album they came out with and made the top charts through out Europe and the USA. I remember them, from a little show called the Hit List, which was the YTV answer for MTV and Much Music. Their songs were catchy and enjoyable and once and a while, Blue comes on the radio. I’m not sure if they will ever become a popular group again, but for a small period in time they were a very popular European pop group, that was really goofy, but made some really catchy songs.

Down below assuming it works is a little music video called Lucky In My Life check it out and let the memories come back!

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