Wade Redden Retires: Remembering Good and Bad


As many of you probably already know former NHL defensemen Wade Redden has announced his retirement after 14 seasons in the NHL. Wade Redden played for the Ottawa Senators, New York Rangers, St Louis Blues and Boston Bruins. In 1023 games played in the NHL Redden scored 109 goals and had 457 points.

His best years were definitely in Ottawa playing in a Sens uniform for 11 years. He scored his first goal in the NHL against the Montreal Canadiens in the 1996-97 season. Redden was even part of the Senators team that made it to the Stanley Cup finals in 2006-07.

Now some people when they think of Redden they think of the guy who the Senators chose to keep him over the other top Sens d-man at the time Zdeno Chara. Ottawa would keep Redden instead of Chara, who as we all know is the current captain of the Boston Bruins, and won a Stanley cup and Norris Trophey as a bruin.

Redden would only play two more years for the Sens and then sign a 6 year 39 million dollar contract with the New York Rangers. Keeping Redden over Chara is probably one of the worst moves made by the Ottawa Senators, well I guess Alexandre Daigle is still the worst signing/ move the Senators made, but keeping Redden over Chara has be second worst.

Well I guess you can say their long-term goalie issues and the fact that they never kept talented ones like Ray Emery, Brian Elliot and recently Ben Bishop who was traded away last season was pretty bad. OR how about trading Heatley away, because of the fact that Cory Clouston and Heatley didn’t get along, or how about signing Kovalev who clearly didn’t like Clouston early on, that signing pretty much blew up in the Sens face, or how about hiring Clouston in general, he wasn’t a good coach. How about trading Antoine Vermette for goalie Pascal Leclaire, or the worst one of all not resigning Daniel Alfredsson granted that one could be the owners fault.

I mean you can say getting Craig Anderson, Bobby Ryan, Clarke MacArthur and all the great prospects that the Sens have now are great moves and you know what they are, but choosing Redden was a bad move even then I thought it was a bad move. Wow that rant went off topic, back to to the actual topic.

Now this isn’t Reddens fault of course and this is where I became a fan of him, when he signed with the Rangers we all know what happened. After two seasons with the Rangers he was buried in the AHL so his contract wouldn’t be affecting their salary cap. The poor guy who still had skill played two seasons in Connecticut before finally he was bought out and given another chance to play one more season in the NHL splitting time in St Louis and Boston.

He showed a lot of perseverance to continue playing hockey in the AHL hoping that he would get one more shot to play in the NHL. He could have easily walked away with the money, he could have made a scene and ripped the Rangers organization, he could have a lot of, but he took the high road and that gets a lot of respect from me and a lot of fans. So when I think of Redden I don’t think of the guy who was picked over Chara, I think of the guy who played hockey for the sake of playing hockey. I hope he gets the respect he deserves from all the fans in the NHL, cause he’s one of the good guys.

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