Christmas Specials Part 2

Garfield christmas

So on the first blog of 12 Christmas Specials I put Winnie the Pooh Christmas Too down as out special! This next one is related to all those cat and Christmas fans out in the World. Wait Cat, Christmas? I’m wouldn’t be talking about a lasagna loving, Monday hating, Orange tabby cat would I? Oh yes I am, I’m talking about A Garfield Christmas. If you don’t know whom Garfield is, then look him up, because I’m disappointed you don’t know about him.

A Garfield Christmas first aired on 1987, based off of the Comic strip you used to see in the Saturday comics. From 1987 to 2000 the special was rebroadcast for all to see and enjoy. The story plot is a simple one John, Garfield and Odie go to Johns parents house for Christmas to celebrate with his family. We watch and enjoy Garfield and his families’ antics through out the show. The end of the story is a sweet one where Garfield who only seems to enjoy the company of Johns Grandma, fins her old love letters from her husband who has passed on, it’s a sweet very sweet moment that can hit anyone at home.

Through out the episode we basically watch how one family acts during their Christmas, I related most to John who simply adores Christmas and is excited through out the whole thing. There are some very funny moments like the Grandma pushing Johns brother out of the way to play the piano and in hilarious way, which kind of throws off everyone else. This is one of those specials where Garfield is surly towards Christmas, but gets the spirit of the season by the end.

One of the main reasons as to why I enjoyed watching this so much is that a lot of this episode reminds me of some of my family members (I mean it in a good way) and how we used to travel on Christmas day to see them in Ontario and celebrate with them. It was always a great time and this special does a good job of jogging my memory of the great times I had as a kid.

Of course this might not have the same effect on everyone, but I still say if you are wrapping presents and want something on in the background, or you really want to watch a fun and funny special well this might be right up your alley. It’s unfortunate that they don’t show it as much as they could on CBS, or the kid’s networks, because it could become one of those old classics that we get to watch every Christmas season.

Here’s a small clip/song from this special!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment below and share your favorite special of all time. Don’t forget, you can follow me on twitter @NVincelli,


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