The 12 Specials Of Christmas Part 1

Winnie Christmas

Ah its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go people are shopping and seeing Santa, the spirit is growing every day and its very exciting. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a huge Christmas fan and although some years my spirit isn’t as high as it should be, I always try my best to enjoy it to its fullest. So for the month of December leading up to Christmas day itself, I will dedicate the blog articles to Christmas!

That’s right Christmas themed blogs and what’s one of the best things to get you into the Christmas spirit? Christmas specials! Seriously you had to see that one coming, for the rest of the month I will attempt to write about 12 of my favorite Christmas specials of all time. I’m hoping for 12, but if time is against me it might not happen.

The format, I have no idea how this will turn out, I don’t think they’ll be too long and I shall try to at least have a trailer, or theme video put in these articles. For now enjoy the first installment of the 12 Specials of Christmas!

My first Special (which by the way they are in no order what so ever) is Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too! The show originally aired December 14, 1991 on ABC and was based of the show that ran at the time called The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

The long story short summary of this special is Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robbin and the gang write to Santa telling him what they would like for Christmas. After sending the letter Winnie the Pooh realizes that he never told Santa what he wanted, everyone helps get the letter back and write down what Winnie wants. They attempt to send it to the North Pole by sending it through the North Wind; unfortunately the Wind shifts and goes south.

At the horrible realization of this Winnie and Piglet try their best at giving everyone the presents they had asked for by dressing up as Santa and one of his reindeer. Unfortunately for Winnie it doesn’t work out as planned and the gifts don’t work out as they had hoped. Winnie tells everyone what had happened, but instead of being angry with him they are just happy to have him there so they can all celebrate Christmas together. After this Christopher Robin shows up on his new sled and brings them the gifts they had originally asked for. Everyone is happy except Pooh. But then giving Christopher Robin a hug he gets very happy.

This was one of the best shows you could show a kid, it had a good story, helped you understand that its not about the gifts its about being together, all the good hold some stuff. I have noticed that this show is harder to find on the air as it is no a continuous trend to have on every holiday season, but if you can find a way to watch I defiantly think you should put this in your Christmas special rotation.

This is the theme song to the New Adventures, if you can watch the Christmas Special!

Thanks for reading check back soon for the next Christmas blog ! You can follow me on twitter @nvincelli


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