Christmas Specials Part 2

Garfield christmas

So on the first blog of 12 Christmas Specials I put Winnie the Pooh Christmas Too down as out special! This next one is related to all those cat and Christmas fans out in the World. Wait Cat, Christmas? I’m wouldn’t be talking about a lasagna loving, Monday hating, Orange tabby cat would I? Oh yes I am, I’m talking about A Garfield Christmas. If you don’t know whom Garfield is, then look him up, because I’m disappointed you don’t know about him. Continue reading


The 12 Specials Of Christmas Part 1

Winnie Christmas

Ah its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go people are shopping and seeing Santa, the spirit is growing every day and its very exciting. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a huge Christmas fan and although some years my spirit isn’t as high as it should be, I always try my best to enjoy it to its fullest. So for the month of December leading up to Christmas day itself, I will dedicate the blog articles to Christmas! Continue reading