5 Notes about the NHL Teams


Same as the last blog a few notes on 5 NHL related topics enjoy!

Carolina Hurricanes: The Hurricanes are starting to make some noise this season. The Canes in the last 10 games are 5-3-2 and are slowly climbing the standings. The biggest factor for this team has been the emergence of Eric Staal who has 7 points in the last 5 games. The long time Hurricane has always been one of the best, but he had been slow at the beginning of this season, but lately he has been making a huge impact on the team and he is impacting the team positively good things happen. Now if Jordan can get out of his slump then the Hurricanes will be a really deadly team to worry about. Don’t forget Cam Ward,when he is on his game that team could make a real dent in the standings.

Edmonton Oilers: Don’t worry Oilers fans what I am about to say is a good thing. The Oilers faced the Nashville Predators the other night and won 3-0. It was a great game where Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle and Hall all managed to score and Ilya Bryzgalov made 33 saves in his first full game of the season to get his first wins. It was a fantastic game by Bryz if he plays the way he did the other night the Oilers might be able to rebound this season and make a decent push for the playoffs, which a lot of the fans would really like to see.

Winnipeg Jets: The Jets in the past ten games are 6-2-2, which means Claude Noel can rest easy for a bit seeing as most Jets fans won’t call for his firing just yet. However there has been concern with Evander Kane, who is usually one of the best players on the Jets team. He has 14 points in 25 games, it’s not bad, but it’s not how Kane usually plays and that’s a concern. There have been rumblings with the organization that he and Claude Noel aren’t seeing eye to eye and trade rumors have been popping up everywhere. Hopefully the two can bury the hatchet and just get on with this season. It would be a shame to see a player of Kane’s skill go because of issues with a coach who could easily get fired at the end of the season if they don’t make the playoffs. Not saying Noel will get fired, but the possibility could be high if they don’t keep winning and make the post season.

Chicago Blackhawks: Is anyone surprised with the Hawks being in first place, no? Neither am I, that team was built to win for years. Their top 5 players in scoring in order are Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, Duncan Keith and Marian Hossa. These five guys won two Stanley Cups for this team already and they are making their case for their third and why not, they are the best in the league again. Add in Corey Crawford’s superb goal tending and this team seems virtually unstoppable. The years where the Blackhawks were a poor team seem like a distant bad dream and all that is left is a very good team. The Blackhawks model is probably one of the best models on how to have a winning team year in and year out; I expect a really deep playoff run from these guys.

West better than East: The Western Conference teams have always been a very strong in their conference and this season that conference is the better one again. As it stands today every team that is in a playoff spot in the West is better than every team in the East that has a playoff spot. Colorado, Phoenix and Minnesota are in the bottom three spots and have 34 points that’s the same amount as the first place Boston bruins. The Canucks are in ninth place with 31 points that’s good for a tie in fourth place with the Detroit Red, that’s if they were in the East. Its unbelievable how much better the West is, it also makes you wonder if another Western team will win the Stanley Cup again this season. Its hard to explain why the West is so much better, but it seems that what ever the exact reason is they are not planning on sharing their secret with the east anytime soon.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, if I missed your team this time around leave a comment below and let me know what team you would like me to talk about.

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