A View on Six NHL Teams


Is it time for another hockey blog? I think so, below I made a few comments about some of the teams in the NHL check and see if your team made the list and enjoy!

Phoenix Coyotes: Isn’t it nice that we don’t hear the word Phoenix anymore, or at all? Currently fifth in the Western conference the Coyotes are flying under the radar with a 14-4-3 record, that’s good enough for first place in the Eastern conference! Too bad the Yotes are in the West; another amazing thing is they are 9-0-1 at home, which is incredible, unfortunately they are only averaging over 12 000 fans, but the best part about all of this. With a proper owner, no one is talking about the Phoenix Coyotes ownership problems and after years of the ownership headaches that’s a good thing.

Edmonton Oilers: Congratulations to Devan Dubnyk on getting his first shut out of the season. The Oilers had a fantastic game the other night winning 7-0 over the Columbus Blue Jackets, Dubnyk saved all 14 shots he faced. It’s been a rough season for the Oilers and Duby with his record of 5-10-1 with a 892% and a 3.31 GAA.

News got worse for him when the Oilers signed Ilya Bryzgalov a 1 year 3 million dollar deal. In a recent interview he said he was shaken by the news… really? REALLY?! Dubnyk has been awful this year, so have the Oilers as a whole, but he hasn’t stolen a single game for them. Don’t get me wrong I like the Oilers, but they need to fix their goalie situation. Unfortunately Bryz its not the answer, maybe he’ll be a temporary one, but he has to win over the fans. Nothing like calling Edmonton the North Pole among other things and then wanting to be in the NHL so badly he signs with them. To make matters worse the Oilers had to make cap room to sign the Russia goalie, so they traded away Ladislav Smid to provincial and long time rivals the Calgary Flames!

Trading away Smid to make room for Bryz feels exactly like the Flyers trading away Carter and Richards to add Bryz, remember how that worked out? I am not comparing the skill of these guys, but I think making room for this erratic goalie and losing one of your more solid defenders is taking a step back not forward.

To end on a positive Oilers note, David Perron has been fantastic so far and locked up for a few more years at about 3.2 million is amazing. I hope the Oilers can really fill the holes and keep him down the road, because players like Eberle and Perron could make this team scary for years to come.

Vancouver Canucks: After that long rant here’s a short one, who had November 19th 2013 as the night where John Tortorella would have his first blow up as the Canucks head coach? If it was you I hope you won something, because it came much later than I expected. It was funny and it was good old Torts, but I think he had every right to get mad the Canucks weren’t very good last night and they lost their fifth straight game, which is weird because this is a much better team than what we have seen on the ice lately. Here’s hoping they get out of this funk sooner than later.

Nashville Predators: The Preds are nothing without Pekka Rinne he steals wins, you hear that Edmonton HE STEALS WINS, sorry, sorry that will be my last one for the day. Rinne has been out for a while with a hip injury, but TSNs Pierre LeBrun had an update last night “He’s going to have an MRI on his hip again next week and that’s a big one for Nashville. If it comes back clear, they hang on and wait for him to come back. If it isn’t, it certainly heats up trade talks for Nashville” I don’t know what they’ll trade for, or what they’ll trade away but for the Preds sake lets hopr its good news for Rinne.

Columbus Blue Jackets: Poor Blue Jackets last ten games they are 2-5-3 and they are 14th in the Eastern Conference, maybe they should have stayed in the West. Injuries to Nathan Horton who is out with a shoulder injury (cough long term deal cough) and Marian Gaborik who is out with a sprained knee have hurt this team in the scoring department, which is bad because they are having a rough time scoring. Last years Vezina winner Sergei Bobrovsky is cold too he is 2-4-2 with a 3.46 GAA and a 899 save%, can’t blame him though when your team can’t score its hard to win and when the Jackets lose the fans don’t show up, which means the Quebec City and Seattle Vultures loom over head wondering how patient the ownership group in Ohio will be with only one playoff appearance in franchise history and a possible drop in attendance.

Montreal Canadiens: Last, but not least the Habs! Congratulations to David Desharnais, Daniel Briere and Max Pacioretty, for all having great games against the Minnesota Wild. The Habs won 6-2 over the Wild, Patches had a hat trick in this game I mean natural hat trick, DD had two points and Briere had a goal. The reason why I’m congratulating them is because they were under a lot of scrutiny lately and having good games like that game can get the pressure off of you. Credit goes to the rest of the team too everyone who played had a great game and it seems what ever line Brendan Gallagher is on he manages to light fires underneath those line ups, he could be future captain material if that’s the case. Let’s not forget Carey Price, ignoring that last second Healtey goal he had another good game and is making the best case for the Olympics although if he didn’t play it wouldn’t bother me the Habs need him too. If the Habs play like they did against the Wild for the rest of the season things might get interesting.

Here you have it six little remarks about six NHL teams, I might make this a habit, or it might be one time thing who knows, I did enjoy writing it, so check back soon for more blogs I hope to have a few more sports blogs coming this way and I will have a bunch of Christmas themed blogs soon so check back very soon!

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