Remebrance DAy

Today is the day we remember.

Remember the brave men and women who fought
and served to protect us from the enemies who threatened our livelihood.

Remember the soldiers who had to fight and live in the trenches in the
first World War, who were victims of the gas attacks, shelling and all the otherhorrors of that war day in and day out.

Remember the soldiers in the Second World War, who fought against the Nazi Terror, Hitler and his allies who caused many war atrocities.

Remember all the other soldiers who fought in wars to keep the peace
where our soldiers fought to protect our allies and us from death and destruction.

Remember all the volunteers, nurses, workers and everyone who were apart of these wars and helped as much as they could.

Remember all the civilians and the victims who were involved in all the destruction that came from these wars.

Remember that these people were and are heroes who gave up their lives and their youth so we could live free, never forget and always appreciate, lest we forget.


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