Laviolette is Out, Is Holmgren Next?

One out

So Peter Laviolette has been fired by the Philadelphia Flyers after an 0-3 start you say? Its about time too, maybe the Flyers owner should throw in their GM, I know it sounds harsh, but both of them haven’t helped the team ever since they lost the Cup to the Chicago Blackhawks in 2012. The Flyers would make the playoffs twice the next two years after losing the Cup and they were still considered to contenders, but bad decision-making and a bad injury, or two led to the teams demise.

Paul Holmgren is largely at fault for the way the Fleyers have faltered first off by making two very stupid trades. First shipping Jeff Carter to Columbus and second sending Mike Richards to LA. Yes they had a decent return in those trades, but Carter and Richards were the life and soul of that team they bled Flyers colors and would do anything for that team. Why did he trade those two, so he could make room for goalie Ilya Bryzgalov.

We all know how terrible that signing was and after two mediocre seasons in Philly Bryz was bought out and now is trying to play for an ECHL team. Now remember he couldn’t handle the Philly pressure cooker, but he probably couldn’t handle any Hockey market in Canada, or North of the Sun Belt, add in his confusing moments with the media and his final tirade which had him bad mouthing the whole Philly market, and you get a guy who makes it very hard for any team to sign you to any kind of deal, but since he was bought out he is still making a lot of money for nothing.

Now I have been one to take my shots at Laviolette especially for that stupid no drinking ting he made the Philly players sign, remember that? Remember how Carter and Richards refused to sign it and it leaked out to the media and then the media made a big deal out of it then speculation began that they weren’t good for the team REMEMBER THAT? I do and I blame a lot of people for that one, it started with Laviolettes stupid don’t drink rule, but that isn’t a huge reason why the two forwards were sent packing.

Before everyone rips off my head and says that it wasn’t just the alcohol thing,

I know that already. There were also rumors coming out of the Flyers locker room that it had been divided because of leadership issues. It was a difference of opinions between Pronger and people who followed Pronger against the young ones like Richards and Carter. Pronger won while Carter and Richards were shipped out, of course with Prongers unfortunate injury it hasn’t worked out well for the Flyers.

Oh and let us not forget  another dumb trade that Holmgren did. He traded future Columbus Blue Jackets Vezina winning goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. Imagine had the flyers just left Carter and Richards a lone and if they had not wanted Bryz and stuck to Bob as their starter they would probably be one of the best teams in the league right now.

Yes Paul Holmgren has made some horrible moves and his days are slowly getting numbered. Firing Laviolette is just Holmgren biding his time before Flyers owner Ed Snider gives him the axe, its inevitable for Holmgren he’s done so many things that have affected the Flyers negatively.

So at one point or another he will be fired and replaced the only question is when will it happen. Yes it sounds harsh, but when you make terrible moves like he did, sometimes change is a good thing. Hopefully the Flyers and their fans will get the change sooner than later.

Note: For those wondering what happened to Carter and Richards, well Carter got traded to LA in his first season with the Blue Jackets. Carter and Richards reunited and funny enough they won the Cup that season with the LA Kings. The Kings won the Cup with good goaltending and with players like Carter and Richards, which shows Holmgren wasn’t wrong about having good players and goalies he just couldn’t do it in Philly.

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