New Prime Time TV Is Here! Part 1

Fall lineups

Last week was the beginning of Televisions Fall Line up with continuing series like How I Met Your Mother, Survivor and the Simpsons. While shows like The Goldbergs, Shield, Brooklyn Nine Nine and others are looking to become a hit on primetime TV. There were other shows on TV of course, but these are the shows that I was whiling to watch/had time to watch. So here is what I had to say about them. Please keep in mine there will be spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT.

The Simpsons going on 25 seasons strong (well depending on what kind of Simpsons fan you are) started off with a darker, more eerie episode with what seemed like Homer getting kidnapped and brain washed by a terrorist group, wasn’t a bad episode a bit creepy, but worth checking out.

On to Survivor, yes I said Survivor, I didn’t watch last season, because I really disliked who was on the show and I accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler that showed who made it to the final three so I was done. I came back this season, because one of my favorite survivors has always been Rupert. I still remember to this day on the first Survivor he was on where it was pirate themed and he stole and sold all the other teams shoes for provisions that was funny and made him an instant fan favorite.

I missed the first episode, but once again Rupert proved how much he loved his wife. She had been voted of immediately, but he took her place and went off to Redemption Island. I saw the second episode and hated how it turned out SPOILER, Rupert lost and was officially gone from the show, he never once got a single vote in this season, but is still unfortunately his time was done. Right there and then I said I’m done with the show, I was so disappointed that he was kicked off the show, but his wife is still there and I decided to keep watching for now and see how the rest of the show turns out.

On to How I Met Your Mother, yes I do realize it’s a show I have had my fair of criticisms for. If any of you read my blog earlier this year I went on a bit of a tirade claiming that the show has jumped the shark and should have ended two-three years ago. I still stand by that statement, but I did enjoy the first episode of the season, I like how they incorporated the Mother and focused on Ted being alone. Wasn’t a bad episode all in all, well except for one thing…

I am so fed up with this show and having someone like Marshall late for an important event, because of a missed flight, storm, being really drunk, asleep, whatever. This show has over used that story line to the point where its really annoying and really boring to watch, this show could have done so much more than making Marshall late for the freaking wedding and I’m really disappointed that they did it again, oh and having Lily mad at Marshall is really boring and kind of ruins the cute relationship they had for such a long time, aside that crap the show wasn’t that bad.

Before I divulge into the new stuff I also enjoyed the season premier of Bob’s Burgers, I have no idea why I like this show, its silly, stupid and the art can be crude at times, but man is it a funny show, the first episode was just weird and the random song came out of nowhere, but I thought it was great, check it out if you have a chance its worth seeing at least one, or two episodes, then who knows maybe you will get hooked.

This will be the end of this blog, check back soon for part two where I talk about the new shows that have come out. Thanks for reading!
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