Two NFL Notes

Super 2014 bowl

So many sports and so many things going on at once, I really didn’t know what to talk about, so I decided to talk about two things NFL related. I really didn’t want to talk about Tim Tebow, but sometimes you have to change your mind and go with some of the current trends, although they have calmed down since week 1 has distracted most people from players like Tebow who isn’t on a team right now.

You have to feel bad for a guy who once was a big deal in Denver and is now some guy who no one wants to sign right? Well apparently that’s wrong, how is it wrong you may ask? Well it was reported on that Tebow had been offered a deal to play for an NFL team, but not at the QB position. So what did Timmy do? He said no, he also said that he would not play for the AFL, or the CFL. The Montreal Aloutettes have his rights and although he would draw a crowd I’m sure they don’t want a QB who can’t throw far and properly often.

Its funny how a guy who said he wants to play in the NFL denied a chance to play for a team in the NFL! He did explain why he said no “I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback” it’s understandable that he wants to still be a QB, but his options are running thin. I think anyone who had a chance to play the NFL a bit, or no NFL at all; people would probably pick a little bit of NFL any day. Obviously Tebow thinks otherwise and is really hoping someone will sign him.

Recently it was announced that Jacksonville’s starting QB Blaine Gabbert is out for week two, because of a hand injury. This means start the Tebow rumors, or get ready for Chad Henne to start, both options aren’t the greatest for the Jaguars. I doubt Tebow will be called anytime soon, but enjoy those rumors as they start.

Back to the main point Tebow at one point will have to wake up and smell the lack of QB jobs and either leave football, or get over himself and play another position, because frankly this situation is like Brett Favre retiring, or not? It’s a long story that people are starting to get tired of hearing, heck I’m tired of writing about it and this post isn’t that long and don’t forget the more you say no to football teams, the less people will feel sorry for you.

 Note 2

The second thing I want to talk about in this post is this upcoming Super bowl Halftime show. Its been announced that Bruno Mars will be Super Bowl XLVIII half time performer. Really Bruno Mars… really, I personally think that is a terrible choice, am I the only one who is tired of the NFL catering to the non-football fan when it comes the half time show?

I mean common man, when I think NFL and football I don’t think pop music, hip-hop and frankly I don’t think rap, I think country and rock and roll and thanks to Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and that halftime show debacle we were given good old rock and roll. From 2005-10 that’s what the fans were given, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Prince (yes Prince), Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and The Who.

Those were good halftime shows then for what ever reason they stopped the Rock and went into another direction. From 2011-2013 we saw the Black Eyed Peas, Madonna and Beyonce. These weren’t the greatest shows ever; I will admit Madonna’s was interesting until Nicki Minaj showed up. I learnt from the CFL Grey Cup Half Time show that on TV the Black Eyed Peas are bad and that Super Bowl they played in wasn’t any better. As for Beyonce’s show it wasn’t very good all I learnt from that show was that a really scary photo of her was taken and she could look like She-Hulk, if you Photoshop it right.

So now we get to hear Bruno Mars sing in New York next February and to be honest I might not watch it, because I’m tired of these pop stars coming out in the middle of what is one of the biggest sporting events, pretending they give a damn about the average football fan. I’m not saying all of these performers aren’t NFL fans, but when it comes to the Super Bowl the NFL sometimes forgets its real fans and its those fans that are the reason why the NFL is a billion dollar industry.

This is me thinking out loud, but how cool would it be if Metallic, or Kiss, or a bunch of well know bands played catering to different aspects of Rock and Metal, or mix all the different types of music that the NFL fans like, stop using a genre that a large portion of fans are tired of hearing on the radio let a lone one of the biggest sports broadcasts of the year.

I always felt the half time show, should be a thank you to all the Football fans out their who support the NFL year round, not to the people who decided to tune into the Super Bowl only for the halftime show. Maybe its time the NFL started giving what the real fans want and not what the non-fans want.

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