Part 3: Let Invader Zim, Invade us once Again!

Invader zIm !

So first we had Hey Arnold and then Reboot, two great shows that I think we would all like to see back on the air. The third and final show I have picked is a new show that I have recently watched and really enjoyed and that show is Invader Zim. When I say new, I mean that the show is new to me not new to the world, but I digress.

Created by Jhonen Vasquez and originally ran from March 2001-December 2002, Invader Zim only had 27 episodes aired, before it was officially cancelled. For those who haven’t seen the show, you might be wondering how it’s popular and why I am writing about it. The genre of this show is black comedy, black comedy and is science fiction comic. The show is about an alien from the Irken race named Zim and his servant robot named Gir. Zim had been banished from his home world after attacking his own planet and allies, but Zim got tired of being banished and would be sent to earth to destroy it.

When reaching earth Zim and Gir wear disguises to blend in, but they aren’t the greatest costumes and have obvious flaws.

Zim is still green when he is dressed like a human and Gir is dressed up like a green dog, majority of the people on this earth are kind of stupid, or oblivious to the fact they are aliens except for one large headed boy named Dib and his sister Gaz (Gaz knows about Zim, but doesn’t care, because she thinks he’s an idiot). I’m not going to lie I thought the show was a bit weird at the beginning and took me a few episodes to warm up to it, but once I did; I fell in love with the show!

I constantly say I want my own Gir, because of how cute and funny he is, the story is well written with great humor and has many strange, yet memorable moments. The show is really worth watching and the fact its on Netflix makes it easy to watch. The only problem I have with the show is that once you’re done the 27 episodes you feel almost ripped off, because you want more episodes and you can’t watch anymore!

There are unfinished episodes that have all the voice acting inserted into them, the only problem is they are only with the storyboard and obviously not completely done. Invader Zim also has a humongous following to the point where the show has a cult following and of course has become a cult classic. There has even been something called InvaderCon and DoomCon that only focused and celebrate Invader Zim, you can find a live reading of an unfinished episode at Invadercon on Netflix.

It seems that there is a large movement pushing to have one last DoomCon and may are hoping hopefully it will end with a show re-launch, or new episodes, or at least one can dream. Facebook has a small movement of fans that are asking for invader Zim back over 4000 people like that page, but the page dedicated to Gir has over four hundred thousand fans and the Invader Zim page has over 2.4 million likes/followers. Don’t forget the fact that many Invader Zim products like toys, shirts, bracelets and other merchandise are for sale in stores like Hot Topic

There are a few things standing in the way, one of them being Nickelodeon whiling to play ball with Vasquez and not being so afraid, of the dark humor that Zim and company show. Back then the show might have been a bit strange and “over the top”, but today that show would do nicely with the large fan bases out there. There could always be the possibility of the show becoming a “Netflix exclusive” which is one way it could revive with out Nickelodeon being in the way. Although with all the garbage T.V. shows on Nickelodeon today, I think there wouldn’t be a problem with bringing back a show like Invader Zim, I think they might even do better in their ratings by adding a show like Invader Zim.

As I had mentioned before, I feel the show has a lot more to give and is just not finished with tell the Zim story just yet. It’s too bad the show went off the air so prematurely, they were starting to bring in new characters to compliment the show and it almost seemed like there was a bigger story starting emerge from the series. Even though it never technically ended on a cliffhanger, it almost feels like the show itself is a huge cliff hanger! Hopefully one day us Zim and Gir fans will get our wish and maybe one day get to see this great show back on the air, with new content.

Thanks for reading I think I write one more piece to wrap up these three past articles, check back soon for my next article and follow me on twitter for updates! @NVincelli

Here the links to part 1 and 2

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