Part 2: Return Reboot To Us!

Reboot photo

Last Blog I wrote about one show I think that should come back from its cliffhanger that it left us and finish its story the way it should finish. That show was Hey Arnold, today I will talk about a show made in Canada that was considered to be advanced for its time and widely popular, if the picture I have posted didn’t give it away, then you never seen Reboot before!

I come from the Net.
Through systems, peoples and cities
To this place:

 Sorry I had too, I really loved that show as a kid growing up and back then in the 90’s it was a really popular show and the CGI that was used for the show was well ahead of its time. The show originally ran from 1994-2001, it was the first half-hour show/series to be completely computer-animated. It was created in Canada and was first aired on YTV and later ABC and now on US Netflix.

The beginning of the series was focusing on explanation of what we were witnessing in the show, then as the show grew the plot expanded and it became a battle against the viruses Megabyte and Hexadecimal (who as kid watching this was freaking scary) then the web creature came at the end of the second season and then the wheels were really rolling. Bob the main character and guardian was shot into the web thanks to Megabyte, this forced young Enzo to fight Megabyte and play the games to keep Mainframe safe. Then Enzo got lost in the games and went to find Bob, when they returned to their home called Mainframe they had to fight to get it back. Enzo, or Matrix with the help Dot, Mouse and company were able to defeat him once and for all.

The show could have easily ended with that, but the creators brought in two movies Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs. My Two Bobs is where the cliffhanger has started, at the end of the movie one of the Bobs is picked to marry Dot and of course it’s not the real Bob. In the end its Megabyte in disguise he returns as a Trojan horse virus. He has control of the principle office and everyone is scattered. Megabyte now plans to hunt the people down who he has not taken control of. This ladies and gentle is where our cliffhanger begins, budget issues got into the way of the series and they were never able to finish off the series.

Reboot was another incredible show to watch as a kid, it wasn’t overly violent despite the fact that the virus could be a bit scary at times. It was a fun show to watch and worth being excited for. I still think they should have just ended the series after they thought Megabyte was gone. Now we sit here waiting and hoping that they can finish the series properly, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything about the series, although there have been snippets here and there for possible movie trilogy. There is another issue for the movies as well the actor who play Megabyte Tony Jay had passed away in 2006, meaning Reboot has lost one of the best voices for the show.

There isn’t a large movement like there is for a Hey Arnold final movie or series, but there are a lot of fans wondering how the series would end and a fair bit of people who want to see it back on TV. I hope that one day all of the reboot fans out there will get our chance to see the series finally finish.

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