Shows That Should Finish Where They Started: Part 1 of 3

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Don’t you hate it when you watch a TV show, or series and it gives you a cliffhanger, or goes off the air and never finishes the story properly? As a kid I couldn’t stand it and as a young adult I still can’t stand it! I think you get where I am going with this, in this blog I shall talk about three shows I really enjoyed as a kid and still enjoy today, that unfortunately ended abruptly. Shows that I think should be allowed to finish where they start!

The first show I shall start off with is Hey Arnold, it originally ran from 1996-2004 and was one of the many great 90’s shows to come from Nickelodeon. Created by Craig Bartlett, Hey Arnold was a show about a strange football headed kid named Arnold, he and his many friends would go on adventures, deal with everyday problems such as bullies, falling head over heals over a “crush,” problems with school and at home and many other everyday situations that people would face in real life. Arnold was of course in the center of all this and would help his friends, family and neighbors if they ever need help, he had a knack for look at the bright side.

Oh and let’s not forget Arnolds secret admirer (not to the viewers) Helga. Helga likes to pick on Arnold a lot teasing him and pushing him around, but as many of us know she’s only doing it because deep down she’s madly in love with him, or as the show says “likes him, likes him.” This was a great show to watch as a kid and it had fantastic voice actors including Remember this is the show that had Dan Castellaneta, Tress MacNeille and Maurice Lamarche who have voiced characters in “The Simpsons and “Futurama” which makes the show even better!

The show released 100 episodes and even came out with a movie; unfortunately the show wasn’t able to end properly. The very last episode of the series was about Arnolds long lost parents, at the end of the episode Arnold finds a map that could possibly help him find his parents, sadly we never got to see him find his parents. When the movie came out it was rumored for a long time that Arnold would go to South America and find his parents, however the movie had a different plot in the end.

The movie focuses on a millionaire that was trying to destroy Arnold’s neighborhood, because of past history with the area. The movie wasn’t terrible and Helga even admitted her love for Arnold finally. The movie did disappoint many though, as people were hoping it would continue with Arnold finding his parents. There had been rumors swirling around for a while that Craig Bartlett was trying to make the second movie where the story line would be Arnold finally finding his parents with his classmates.

The movie regrettably was put on the back burner after Craig Bartlett and Nickelodeon had a falling out. There have been rumors that Bartlett is in talks, or is in fact doing another show for Nickelodeon soon. This also means there is hope for the show either coming back to TV, or at least making the one final movie to piece it all together.

It’s really upsetting that the show was taken off the air and couldn’t finish its story. Right now Hey Arnold is on Netflix in Canada, although it is missing season three for some reason. There is also a facebook group dedicated to the show called “Save The Jungle Movie,” this group has over 22 000 members and the total is climbing fast. Check out their face book page and see what they are doing to bring back the movie. Hopefully all of us Hey Arnold fans will finally see Arnold united with his parents once and for all. Oh yeah and maybe Arnold can admit on whether, or not he feels the same way about Helga, because we never learnt how he truly felt about her.

This show is easily a classic from the 90’s and deserves a shot to finish its own story with the usual happy ending and I think it would be great for us to see. That was part one of what should be a 3-part blog check back for the second show that should be brought back and finish off where it had started.

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