New Podcast Coming Your Way!

Today I am pleased to announce that I have started a podcast with my good friend Sean. The title of our new podcast is 4ES (4th Estate, Entertainment and Sports) and the title explains it all. We plan to talk about sports and entertainment news that we feel you will enjoy. We are fans and we will be acting like fans through out this podcast, giving our opinion on what’s going on in the Sports and Entertainment World, as fans. We plan to talk about many different areas such as NHL, MLB, NFL, CFL, EPL, UFC, TV, Movies, Video Games etc.

This of course is just the beginning and many things we do are still to be considered in the trial run, but we plan to make it better. We hope to expand the podcast and have it available on Itunes as soon as possible; we hope to have a new podcast out every week if not every second week. For the time being I will post the new podcast links right here on my blog.

The link below is the first episode of the new podcast, we apologize for the audio quality that is one area we are planning on making better. We are open to opinions and would love to make the podcast better, let us know through twitter, youtube, or our facebook page on how we can make it better! Thanks and Enjoy!

Check out 4ES right here!

Follow us on Twitter @NVincelli, @seangallagher07 @Podcast_4ES


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