Part 2: Return Reboot To Us!

Reboot photo

Last Blog I wrote about one show I think that should come back from its cliffhanger that it left us and finish its story the way it should finish. That show was Hey Arnold, today I will talk about a show made in Canada that was considered to be advanced for its time and widely popular, if the picture I have posted didn’t give it away, then you never seen Reboot before! Continue reading


Shows That Should Finish Where They Started: Part 1 of 3

Hey arnold blog
Don’t you hate it when you watch a TV show, or series and it gives you a cliffhanger, or goes off the air and never finishes the story properly? As a kid I couldn’t stand it and as a young adult I still can’t stand it! I think you get where I am going with this, in this blog I shall talk about three shows I really enjoyed as a kid and still enjoy today, that unfortunately ended abruptly. Shows that I think should be allowed to finish where they start! Continue reading

CBA Puts Some In a Unique Situation

Nucks and wings

Hockey, the beloved national sport of Canadians everywhere; The NHL, a league that’s gone through so many lockouts in a 10 year span, its surprising there isn’t a brand new league because of all the crap the fans, players, owners and everyone else has gone through. Remember the strike that just past? I know a lot of you wish you could forget it but it caused the NHL to lose half of the season. The big issue was money and how they would split the revenue. There were other issues on the table of negotiation but a huge problem was sharing the money. The players and the owners went back and forth for a while with no progress and it seemed like the season was lost, and then out of nowhere the two sides came to an agreement and hockey was back! Continue reading

New Podcast Coming Your Way!

Today I am pleased to announce that I have started a podcast with my good friend Sean. The title of our new podcast is 4ES (4th Estate, Entertainment and Sports) and the title explains it all. We plan to talk about sports and entertainment news that we feel you will enjoy. We are fans and we will be acting like fans through out this podcast, giving our opinion on what’s going on in the Sports and Entertainment World, as fans. We plan to talk about many different areas such as NHL, MLB, NFL, CFL, EPL, UFC, TV, Movies, Video Games etc. Continue reading

SNL To Lose Four More Top Cast Members!

three great snl guys leavin

This is a topic I wanted to talk about for a while, but work and life got in the way, so I’m only able to write about it now. It was announced earlier this year that Bill Hader is leaving SNL, which is a huge hit for the show seeing as the year before they lost Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg. Losing Hader is bad enough, but just a few days after he announced that he was leaving, Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis also announced that they would be leaving too, oh and add in Seth Myers leaving in December and SNL looks very different now. Continue reading