May 13th: The Good, Bad and The Ugly

Good bad shark

Spoiler alert: There might be things within this article that may spoil stuff that happened if you did not see How I Met Your Mother please be warned that their may be some spoilers in this article, you have been warned.

I shall start off with the Ugly; the Toronto Maple Leafs who managed to tie the first round series against the Boston Bruins 3 games to 3 and force a game seven were very close to eliminating the Bruins. The score was 4-1 in favor of the Maple Leafs and it seemed to be game over for Boston, but just like in anything it is not over until it is over. With about 10-11 minutes left in the third period everything seemed to go wrong, Boston would score three unanswered goals in the third to tie it and force overtime. The Leafs managed to lose all of their momentum and bring the Boston crowd back to life. With 6 minutes into the overtime, Patrice Bergeron would finish off the Leafs for good and eliminate them from the 2013 playoffs. It was an ugly way to end a game that was in the Leafs favor and it will go down as a historical game.We will probably see that game on ESPN classic in a few years.

That is not the only thing that makes it ugly, the media has never helped the Maple Leafs because of the over analysis and constant talking about the Leafs nationally irritates many who are none Leaf fans. What makes this series even more ugly is the fact that the Canadians hockey fans that dislike the Leafs hate them so much that they are willing to cheer on the Boston Bruins, that says a lot about the people who just cannot stand the Leafs. This series, the media coverage and the fact that so many people in Canada wanted a Canadian team to feel truly makes this series an ugly one.

The Bad, so the 13th was also the day that the television show “How I Met Your Mother” aired its season finale. (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOLIER ALERTS AHEAD DO NO READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE FINALE YET). Last years season finale had two episodes that had a great ending that caught many people off guard. Unfortunately many people including myself have felt that this show has “Jumped the Shark” and they jumped it years ago, but even though I felt this way, last years season finale was still a good one. Unfortunately this years finale was not as good as last years and kind of represented how the whole 8th season was a big mess. With the show gaining a 9th season for next year in the middle of the year once again the show had to change the story lines and delay the air of new episodes.

The last couple of years CBS and HIMYM have been awful when it came to showing new episodes. After one week with a new episode it would sometimes take up 2-3 weeks to see the next new episode, which resulted in repeating many of that seasons episodes. Do not get me wrong I was a huge fan of this show and still am a bit of a fan. I still love the cast, but the problem with the show is its been on too long and is going down the road of “That 70’s Show” or has gone the way of the show “Lost” and has just gotten more confusing and more depressing. The show this season had made the main character Ted a side story for most of the season, this season focused on Lily and Marshall dealing with parenthood which has not been fun to watch, or you get to watch the annoying relationship of Barney and Robin. In my mind they ruined the character of Robin. First they ruined her by cheating with Barney when the two of them had a stable relationship. Then after cheating with Barney still telling him she loved him, but would not break up with her boyfriend while Barney who broke up with Nora (who was great for Barney) so he could be with Robin to find out it would not happen. Then of course Barney finds Quinn and once again Robin got in the way, pretty much making her a home wrecker. This was not funny to watch, it was just depressing and annoying to watch a guy like Barney who wanted to change his life lose two great women because Robin got in the way. Then we get back to Ted, after-all the idea of the show was how he met their mother, which he has yet to do. Until the last episode of this season where she shows up right at the very end, what bothered me about this was that it showed the show has really run out of ideas, because meeting her and showing her on the show should be the end of it, but now we have to watch one more season of Himym to see how it all happens. Granted, with all the hints most of us can tell what is going to happen.

That is not the only thing that makes this the bad, it is also the fact that CBS and HIMYM on facebook posted a photo online of the Mother, ruining it for anyone who missed the show and screwing over anyone on the West Coast waiting to see the show at its regular time. It was unbelievably stupid of the people to have posted that picture, they have managed to ruin the main surprise and story of this show, people do not need to actually watch the series anymore because we now know who she is. I miss the days when the internet could not ruin surprises like the Simpsons episode “Who shot mister Burns” no one really knew who did it and had to wait a whole summer for it. Granted Himym is not the Simpsons of the 90’s, it is not the show Friends (who went ten years strong and people want more) it will not be like Arrested Development and Futurama where the two shows have actually made a comeback because of demand. I realize that this is such a negative blog, but I was just so disappointed in the finale and in the people who ruined the surprise. I still like the show and I am sorry if I offended anyone with what I have said, but this show is really running out of ideas and is no where as funny as it used to be, a friend of mine said watching the show has become a hassle. Personally I hope they can somehow rebound this final season and make it really funny and unforgettable, but that will be a tall task.

The Good; This is kind of a review of a past blog that I wrote about the month of May. This will not be as long as the Ugly, or the bad, which is unfortunate, because it is nicer to read and more positive. Daft Punk had announced that their album was available to be streamed and listened to on Itunes. At first I thought it was leaked like the song get lucky, but in the end it was Daft Punk that allowed it. I listened to the album and really enjoyed what I heard, it is not for everyone and some of the songs were not the best, however they had more good songs than bad so all in all it is a great album. The way a friend of mine put it is that their new songs are dance songs, but still is more 70’s and 80’s meeting Daft Punk. Of course the album is not available yet, but by giving the world the new songs that Daft Punk has come up with, there will sure be a high amount of sales and of course I cannot wait.

I saw Iron Man 3 and thought it was a great movie. In my mind it was better than the second Iron Man, yes I realize the second movie was more of a build up for the Avengers movie introducing Agent Coulson, Black Widow and learning more about Nick Furry, but I felt Iron Man 3 now was able to focus more on Tony Stark and less on the Avengers initiative. I will not go in too much depth because I do not feel like spoiling this movie. All I have to say is that it was great, I think Robert Downey Jr is fantastic as Tony Stark and hope that this is not the last Iron Man movie.
Arrested Development has not come out just yet, so unfortunate but after seeing the trailer the show looks good to go and hopefully will be great for all of the fans of the show.

So that was the Good (Daft Punk and Iron Man 3) , the Bad (Himym, the direction it went in and the spoiling of the mother) and the Ugly (Leafs historical loss in game 7 against the Bruins) I hope you enjoyed them and I am sorry if you managed to ignore the Spoiler warning and ruined something for you, I did not mean it. Check back next week for another article! Hopefully a much more positive article!

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