L.A. Gains great Sports Personalities in Jay and Dan


Say it ain’t so! Jay and Dan are leaving TSN for Fox Sports in Los Angeles! Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are hosts of Sports Center and their own podcast for those people who did not know, for those who do know who they are they will remember how hilarious these guys really are. The two of them brought humor and a lot of fun to Sportscentre and made it more entertaining to watch every morning. The two of them had gotten so popular on TSN that other Sportcentre hosts started to copy some of the things that Jay and Dan would do regularly on the show.

Just like many Canadians, I have been a big fan of them for a long time and losing them sucks big time. It is fantastic that they were offered a job like that and I wish them all the best, but leaving Canada and TSN will make Sporstcentre a very weird show to watch without them. I really hope Jay and Dan can somehow keep their podcast going on while they are in the states. Another popular medium that they have done since last September is that they started a podcast that is not only talking about sports all the time, but talking about anything that came to their mind, and if you know the podcast well a lot of things came to their minds.

Marks Warehouse had sponsored the podcast for a while and then out of nowhere after renewing with Jay and Dan for another year they randomly got up and stopped sponsoring them. Some people say it was James Duthie’s fault when he was replacing Jay for a few shows while Jay was on vacation, which of course started new jokes about sponsoring the podcasts, there was also T.V. theme vault, story time with producer Tim, Taggart Tales with Jeremy Taggart (Drummer for Our Lady Peace) and many more funny things. Jay and Dan also interviewed some really interesting people such as; Jeremy Taggart, Aliya Jasmine, Jonathan Torrens, Tsn’s Rod Smith, the Sports Legend Brian Williams and other great guests, oh and of course do not forget the two guys who help make the podcast possible; Mike and Christophe. The podcast is a great thing to listen to while on a long bus ride, or driving to work or just bored at home and want something to listen to. If it were not for this podcast I would not have learned so many cool things about people like Taggart, Torrens or Duthie,

The Podcast also showed that Jay and Dan really love Canada and love their jobs so much. The traveling they do together or separately throughout the country for charity events, Movember, Kraft celebration tours and other things in different locations throughout Canada. These two might be huge goofballs in the eyes of some, but they can also be considered great role models for the effort they put in for TSN and the country, although they would probably tell you they did not do anything, they just showed up.

If anyone in LA or the United States is reading this please take care of Jay and Dan, you will love their silly antics and really enjoy the things they do to make sports even more exciting. Jay and Dan will be missed a lot and hopefully they will return to Canada from time to time doing what they do best, entertaining thousands of Canadians. Thank you Jay and Dan for all the fun times watching TSN and listening to the podcasts, you make it fun to be CANADIAN!


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