Habs, Sens and Tebow Again?

sens habs!

I know I didn’t write anything last week sorry! Sometimes life gets in the way now onto the article!

The NHL playoffs are here and they are going to be exciting to watch. For the first time in years all the original six teams have made the playoffs. The Red Wings vs. the Ducks, Blackhawks vs. the Wild, Rangers vs. Capitals; Maple Leafs vs. Bruins and the Canadiens vs. the Senators. It is also the first time in a while that two Canadian teams have played against each other. It is the first time since the Ottawa Senators returned to the NHL that the Habs and Sens will face off against each other. The excitement and hype for this series from these two cities is becoming enormous and has the potential to become a new and great rivalry.

Although Montreal and Ottawa are a few hours away from each other the rivalry has never become anything close to the likes of Montreal and Boston, Montreal and Toronto, or even Ottawa and Toronto. Those are three intense rivalries that have gone on for a while and have been bloody, aggressive, and of course exciting. It is high time that these two teams become legitimate rivals and the playoffs are the best place to start it.

In the 2010 playoffs when the Habs had that great playoff run, they faced the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round and would eliminate the Pens in the 7th game of the series. Ever since that playoff series the Habs and Pens would play each other in the regular season with such intensity that it would be considered a playoff atmosphere type game. Hopefully this series will have the same effects on the Senators and the Canadiens and make games with these two teams really intense, stay tuned.

New York Mania over

Remember when I spoke about Tebow Mania and it being over in New York? Well it is now officially over with the Jets releasing him after drafting Geno Smith the other day. So what is in store for Tim Tebow right now? The Jacksonville Jaguars have come out and said they will not take Tim Tebow, so who is willing to take the risk and sign Tim Tebow? According to TSN, the Bears could be a good fit because of the relationship between new head coach Marc Trestman. Frankly if Jay Cutler does not lose his bad attitude Trestman might be looking for a new QB. TSN also said the New England Patriots and the CFL could be possibilities. Bill Belichick knows how to fix some players and make them dominant like Randy Moss and Wes Welker, although Chad Johnson proved that not everyone can be fixed. As for the CFL, the Montreal Allouettes have Tebow’s rights and as I have previously mentioned with Athony Calvillo as the ALs QB, there is no chance Tebow would start there. So who knows where he will go, the world is his oyster, but the whole NFL is not his oyster and only time will tell if any of the NFL teams will take their chances on Tebow. Honestly, I think it would be hilarious if the Oakland Raiders signed him.

Sorry for the time off life and school sometimes get in the way check back soon for more articles!

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