Few Fun Things Happening in May

May blog

It is finally starting to feel like spring, it took long enough, hopefully this time there will not be a random snow storm; either way people are finally free from old man winter. Funny enough though, I want April to end fast! Why? you might ask, well there are a couple of cool and fun things to look forward to in May. What am I talking about exactly? Well I will tell you! First off, anyone in Cegep or University is free at last! Unless you have summer school, most of the older students will be off from school till the fall, which means time to re-charge out batteries, work and of course have a lot of fun and enjoy some entertainment.

You are probably wondering, other than being free what does May have to offer, well as I mentioned there are few things that will make the month of May fun for almost anyone. First off, I have got four words for you (get ready!), New Daft Punk Album! The album is set to release on May 21st; yes it is at the end of the month, but who cares! This is a long awaited album and Daft Punk is making it even harder to wait till the end of May. I know they did the sound track for Tron, but some people feel that it does not count, although I personally like the songs they did for that movie. Anyway, earlier in March during an SNL commercial break they played a 15 second clip from one of their new songs, leaving many Daft Punk fans wanting more! Then a few weeks later they came out with a website that had another clip from one of their songs and links to pre-order their album. All I can say is I simply cannot wait! The few clips seem to sound pretty good, and as a Daft Punk fan I cannot wait for the album to come out. We are in an age of itunes but I might just buy the hard copy of the album, that is how excited I am.

Next place we look for more fun in May is oddly enough Netflix, yes that is right Netfilx, why? well it is simple, for anyone who loved the show Arrested Development you will be happy to know that its returning May 26th (only on Netflix) Jason Batemen, Will Arnett, Michael Cera and company return to television in the hilariously dysfunctional family. It will be interesting to see Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat who plays his cousin Maeby return, both in their twenties this time, I wonder if George Michael is still in love with his cousin, will Tobias (David Cross) say many awkward things that makes his wife Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) question his sexual orientation? Will Gob Bluth still try to convince people that it is not magic, it is not tricks it is an Illusion Michael… and so on and so forth. Once again it is only coming out at the end of May, but this is a show many people cannot wait to see, I’ll be watching May 26th, will you?

The next entertaining thing comes much earlier in May and that is Iron Man 3, coming out May 3rd. The third installment of Iron Man will likely beat its own box office record with many Iron Man, Marvel and Robert Downey Jr fans alike coming to see how this action packed movie turns out. Anyone who has seen the Iron Man movies can agree that RDJ is a great Iron Man and would be really hard to replace by anyone even if they tried. I will not give away anything that I saw in the trailer, or what IMDB says, all I know is that I am excited to see this Avenger in action against a new foe. Of course there will be a new suit to look forward too since Iron Man himself is always trying to upgrade in some way or form and of course he will have his love affair with Pepper Pots and taunt the governments who try to stop him from being Iron man.

The final thing to look forward to if you are a hockey fan or sports fan in general are the playoffs, this lockout shortened season has been nothing but exciting to watch. The season end is near we are slow approaching the end of April which means come May the playoffs begin! Right now the playoff picture looks good for some of the Canadian hockey teams. Edmonton and Winnipeg are just outside of the playoff picture looking in and they have a good chance of still making the post season they just need to win the right amount of games and have the other teams lose at the right time, I know, I know easier said than done but weirder things have happened. Ottawa and Toronto are jockeying for positioning between 5th and 6th spot in the eastern conference and are both trying hard to not have the other teams underneath them pass them in the standings. As for the Montreal Canadiens and the Vancouver Canucks they are both leading the division for now and unless both teams have an awful month they both seem to be a lock for the playoffs this year.

Hockey, Iron Man 3, Daft Punk, Arrested Development, No school and the baseball season is in full swing; right now I like how May is shaping up. Should be a good month coming up and yes of course there are other things that will be going on in May, but this is just a short preview of what will be coming our way. For now let us enjoy what April has to offer, while being excited for May of course. Have a good month everyone!

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