Few Random James Bond Facts

James Bond!

Just like the Saboteur articles that I have written, I wanted to continue the trend of writing a few none related sport blogs here and there. So while I was thinking of what to write I looked over at a James Bond poster that I have which contains all of  the movie posters and noticed something that  people might not have known if they are not huge 007 fans like myself. There are some actors in these films that people know and love, but may not have realized that they were in the Bond Franchise. I hope you enjoy some of the random actors you might not have known that are in the James Bond Movies. Just to give you a heads up there are spoilers in this article so please take note that something will be spoiled so if you have not seen Skyfall, or other Bond movies and think you might watch them in time then perhaps you should not read this.

The Bond movie A view to a kill came out in 1985 and was Roger Moore’s final appearance as Bond and there are of course a few recognizable faces in the movie that you might not know about. Tanya Roberts was a bond girl in this film and was one of the good ones who tried to help 007 in the movie. Tanya Roberts for those who do not know, was one of the original Charlie’s Angels and for the younger crowd played Midge Pinciotti in “That 70’s Show,” with her long blond hair and her beautiful big blue eyes she was an obvious choice to be in this movie. The main villain in this film went by the name of Max Zorin was played by none other than Christopher Walken (no joke, it’s actually him) it should also be noted that David Bowie and Sting had been considered for the role of Max Zorin. Frankly, Walken was a good choice. Although this movie was not the best 007 movie, it is funny seeing these two actors in a Bond film and I suggest seeing it if you have not already.

The Man with the Golden Gun is another James Bond movie that features Roger Moore. The movie came out in 1974 and was Moore’s second movie as Bond, but that is not the actor I am focusing on for a random fact. No the random fact actor who played the villain Francisco Scaramanga was Christopher Lee. If you do not recognize the name right away it is fine, when you watch the young Christopher Lee in this Bond film you may not recognize him at all and that is completely understandable, but you will recognize him in an instant when you see him in the more recent movies he has done. Lee has been in movies such as Star Wars as Count Dooku, in Star Wars episode 2 and 3 and was Saruman in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Fun fact, he was considered to play Magneto in the X-men movies, but that role obviously went to Ian Mckellen. Second fun fact, Lee wanted to play Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies, but unfortunately they felt his age and physical limitations would allow him to play the role of Saruman to the best possible standards.

There are two actors in the Bond series that die and return in another movie as completely different characters. Joe Don Baker who is a villain named Brad Whitaker is also in two other Bond films as a CIA agent named Jack Wade. He was in GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies. The Second actor, or shall I say actress was Maud Adams, she was in The Man with the Golden Gun who is the hopeless mistress to Scaramanga and then is a Jewel smuggler Magda in Octopussy.

In Skyfall there is an obvious actor that we all know, Ralph Fiennes who played the part of Gareth Mallory, Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee who also gets a mighty fine promotion later on in the film. Fiennes was none other than Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies, which makes it really funny if you know the Harry Potter series and then you see him playing as a good character in a Bond movie. I realize that was more obvious than the other actors, but it was still really interesting too see him in a Bond Film.

These movies have a variety of different actors from different eras that many people have enjoyed to see on the big screen over the years. I hope you enjoyed the few actors that I have mentioned in this article and hope it intrigues you enough to check out some Bond films and see if you see other actors that I might have gone without noticing.


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