Will Tebow Mania Ever Return?

Tebow Mania done

It has been a while since I have discussed football and since the free agency has started in the NFL I felt that maybe I should talk about some football. Instead of talking about who is being signed, because players are changing position left right and center, I decided to talk about an old topic that has not been mentioned as much lately, Tim Tebow ladies and gentlemen! Remember Tebow? Tim Tebow was supposed to be this big deal Quarterback in the NFL playing for the Denver Broncos and for a while he was with the Broncos. He pulled off some miraculous comebacks and last minute wins in the 2011 season. That was the season where the Broncos actually beat the Steelers and eliminated them in the playoff. Tebow Time was in full swing in Denver and it seemed it would last for a long time. Funny enough after those playoff games in 2012, Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts QB was released from the team and Denver signed him to a 3-year deal. This changed everything in instant. A team that was built for Tebow’s style of play was now being changed for Manning, and Tebow seemed to be out of the starting QB job. By signing someone such as Manning, the Mania in Denver switched over to a future hall of famer and Tebow Mania seemed to be over.

So the quest to find a new team began and rumors started to swirl as to where he would and could land. The Miami Dolphins were thought to be one of the top teams wanting Tebow, but in the end they said they did not want him. So it came down to two other Teams, the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now New York had a starting QB in Mark Sanchez and it was obvious Tebow would not get the starting position handed to him. While in Jacksonville, the chance of him starting for the team was very high. So the choices were not a guaranteed starting job in New York, or a definite starting job in Jacksonville, Florida. The choice is obvious right? Pick the team that would give you time to play and help you to develop into a more experienced quarterback, right? Nope, nope, nope, nope… Tebow took a chance with the other team, the New York Jets. So when the decision was made, it was a trade that sent Tebow and a 7th round pick to the Jets for a 4th round and 6th round pick sent to Denver.

So with the decision made he was off to New York, was Tebow’s move over hyped or what? and for anyone who was not a Jets fan they became sick and tired of hearing about Tebow. The Tebow mania hit New York hard and many fans were excited to get this unique QB and his unique playing style. Although the city was excited to see Tebow play, the Jets hard other plans. The Jets coach Rex Ryan had announced to the whole world that Sanchez would be the starter for the 2012 season. Well, that season was a disaster. The Jets finished the season 6-10 and there was no consistency with either QB. It was awful, at one point they used their 3rd sting QB Greg McElroy. I will remember this Jets season with Sanchez running into his own linebackers butt and then fumbling the ball, which is basically the way that season went.

Tebow sat for most of the season on the bench never capitalized on his chances when he was on the field and the “secret” wildcat formation was a bust. The whole entire season was awful and I could write pages on how bad the Jets were, but that would take up a lot of time, I digress. Tebow Mania was a bust in New York and now it is time for him to find a new place, maybe Jacksonville once again. The problem for Tebow now is that last season was so bad that he exposed the fact that he is not a strong QB. He does not have a strong arm and has not been very good at reading defensive plays, which can obviously handicap anyone who is trying to be an NFL QB. He was so bad that people thought he might even go to the CFL (Canadian Football League) and play for the Montreal Allouettes, who own his rights. When the CFL Idea came out people just laughed at it, that if he cannot throw in the NFL there is no way he can throw in the CFL. In any case he would have less playing time in Montreal because of their starting QB.

So this is where he stands, he was a bust in New York and is looking for work. I think he will probably go to Jacksonville, but honestly that is where he should have gone in the first place. I do not know what the heck he was thinking picking New York, is his ego so big that he thinks he can take over a starting position wherever he goes? Did he really think Rex Ryan would hand him the position? Of course not! Rex Ryans ego is so big that it fills all the football stadiums in the NFL. I do not know what the heck Tim Tebow was thinking, but it was a stupid mistake and he paid for it with an awful season. Now it is up to him to try and bounce back and see if any team is willing to take a shot at Tebow and the mania he brings.

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