The Saboteur: Part Deux Someone Make a Second Game

Sabo 2

Part one of this blog gave you basic info on the game The Saboteur itself and now it is time for the creator and why it should be brought back. This game is so fun that after it came out in 2009 (available for XBOX, PS3 and PC), there were rumblings of making a sequel to the game and why not? They left enough room to grow after the main story concludes. There are a few cliffhangers that can easily be an addressed in a second game, so why not make a second game; it seems so simple doesn’t it? Well one of the problems is Pandemic the developers of the saboteur which was owned by EA games was shut down in 2009 and only left a handful of employees to support The Saboteur, because of it coming out in December, which means yes this was one of their last games to come out. There are many reasons as to why companies, or divisions like Pandemic get shut down, but in this case I wish they hadn’t been shut down.

Pandemic has also developed some great titles such as Full Spectrum Warrior, Destroy All Humans one and two and Stars Wars Battlefront one and two and trust me the Battlefront games were amazing! With a track record like this it makes you wonder why anyone would get ride of a developer like Pandemic, it really boggles the mind. With Pandemic gone and it being 2013, chances of a sequel to the game Saboteur seem to be nonexistent, but I personally think EA needs to look into possibly bringing back Pandemic, or at least create the sequel to the game itself, or someone like Ubisoft should get the rights and make their own version. Either way I’m am not alone when I say this someone pick up the game! As I mentioned before there is enough content in the game to continue with a few cliff hangers and it is not like when you finish the game that the War is over so they can easily continue the story. With that being said and done only one can hope that this great game is brought back to life.

This is a game worth playing and will not disappoint or at least it shouldn’t. If you haven’t played it yet get your hands on a copy now it is relatively cheap and not to hard to find. If you have this game well you already know it’s a great game and that you should be playing it again right now! The game has been given a rating of a 7.5 out of 10 by GameSpot and IGN with other decent ratings. So I finish off with this in the hopes that EA games one-day sees this, please make a new game or a new extended version of the Saboteur! I am pretty sure I could be a really successful and popular game, because who doesn’t get tired of shooting Nazis and fighting to stop the Third Reich and its reign of terror even if its in a video game form.

Side note there is a petition to create a new game with 400 signatures on it already, if you haven’t signed it yet I think you should and show EA that this game needs to be brought back. Just click the link below.

I hope you enjoyed my first non-sport related blog add me on Twitter @NVincelli for updates or like and follow this blog more to come!


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