Few Random James Bond Facts

James Bond!

Just like the Saboteur articles that I have written, I wanted to continue the trend of writing a few none related sport blogs here and there. So while I was thinking of what to write I looked over at a James Bond poster that I have which contains all of  the movie posters and noticed something that  people might not have known if they are not huge 007 fans like myself. There are some actors in these films that people know and love, but may not have realized that they were in the Bond Franchise. Continue reading


NHL Trade Deadline Nears: Will Big Deals be made?

Trade dealine is soon

The NHL trade deadline is coming soon (April 3rd) and the trade rumors are starting to really heat up, especially with the recent moves done by the Pittsburgh Penguins in acquiring Brandon Morrow from Dallas and Douglas Murray from San Jose. The Penguins are making a serious push for a deep Stanley Cup playoff run. Now it is up to other playoff contending teams to do the same.

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Will Tebow Mania Ever Return?

Tebow Mania done

It has been a while since I have discussed football and since the free agency has started in the NFL I felt that maybe I should talk about some football. Instead of talking about who is being signed, because players are changing position left right and center, I decided to talk about an old topic that has not been mentioned as much lately, Tim Tebow ladies and gentlemen! Remember Tebow? Tim Tebow was supposed to be this big deal Quarterback in the NFL playing for the Denver Broncos and for a while he was with the Broncos. He pulled off some miraculous comebacks and last minute wins in the 2011 season. That was the season where the Broncos actually beat the Steelers and eliminated them in the playoff. Tebow Time was in full swing in Denver and it seemed it would last for a long time. Funny enough after those playoff games in 2012, Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts QB was released from the team and Denver signed him to a 3-year deal. This changed everything in instant. A team that was built for Tebow’s style of play was now being changed for Manning, and Tebow seemed to be out of the starting QB job. Continue reading

Has Ovie lost his Magic?

Sad and Happy

Alexander Ovechkin is one of the most exciting players in the NHL to watch. He has great skill that helps him succeed as one of the leagues best scorers around and he has a big body that helps him control the situations he is in. The problem with Ovechkin is that the last couple of seasons have not been kind to him. He is not a bad player, but he does not seem to be as good, or as impacting as he was when he first started in the NHL.

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The Saboteur: Part Deux Someone Make a Second Game

Sabo 2

Part one of this blog gave you basic info on the game The Saboteur itself and now it is time for the creator and why it should be brought back. This game is so fun that after it came out in 2009 (available for XBOX, PS3 and PC), there were rumblings of making a sequel to the game and why not? They left enough room to grow after the main story concludes. There are a few cliffhangers that can easily be an addressed in a second game, so why not make a second game; it seems so simple doesn’t it? Continue reading

Only A Few of Nos Amours Left

Expos Two of the 15 and Vlad

The other day I stumbled upon an article from CBS sports and it was not the happiest article that I found either. The article was titled “Baseball’s dying breed” and underneath it was a picture of Tim Raines. It was an article about the last remaining expos in the majors that wore an expos jersey. There are roughly about 15 players with an honourable mention towards an Expos great.

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