The Saboteur: Part 1 The Game

The Saboteur

This is my first none sports related blog. I have been meaning to write a blog like this for a while, but I have only had the opportunity up until now to write something that was pertaining solely to sports. This blog will also be a two-part blog because of how long it is. This is part one and part two will come out next week. I hope that you enjoy it and please feel free to leave feedback, like it and share it with your friends.

Bring back Pandemic! OR At least MAKE A SABOTEUR TWO! What am I asking for? Well it would certainly be nice if there would be a sequel to a really interesting and violent game called The Saboteur. The Saboteur is set during World War II in German occupied France and your character is an Irish race car mechanic/racer who drinks a lot and is trapped in France during this time. The characters name is Sean Devlin. This character gets cheated out of a win while racing in Germany by a Nazi named Kurt Dierker. To even out the score Sean, with the aid of his friend, go and attempt to destroy Dierkers car. During their attempt they are caught and brought into a castle that turns out to be a Nazi stronghold. Unfortunately Dierker kills Devlin’s friend, but you manage to narrowly escape and rush back to France where the invasion has begun. Saddened and angered by the loss, Sean swears to exact revenge on Dierker and the Nazis and thus starting the main campaign. Sean allies himself with the French resistance and you then commence to wreak havoc on the Nazi’s.

The game is an open world, third person shooter and an action packed adventure with a great story and a unique but fun soundtrack. The map is of Paris, including the French countryside with a piece of Germany (Saarbrucken) in the northeast. You can either stick to the main story or follow the missions in a straight line, you can even stop and just drive around and explore. You can also take part in the side missions and destroy a lot of Nazi positions and soldiers during the free-play. There is a lot to do and many things to unlock during the game, which makes the game, last that much longer. The Saboteur also has a very unique style when it comes to color. The majority of Paris and the French countryside is in black and white with large amount of Nazi activity, but it will not be black and white forever. As the game progresses and the more missions and disruptions you cause to the Nazi regime, the weaker some areas get and some missions that are won open up pockets of these areas and are back in full color. The more the area’s are black and white the more Nazis are around, the more color then less Nazis, but even in the colored areas there are Nazis. If a fight breaks out the people who are passing by will assist you in a fight if needed. The game is nicely designed and has great amount of detail in the design of all of the buildings that you pass by. There are many accurate things in this game such as; propaganda devices throughout Paris, and of course there are some inaccuracies as well but overall and in any case the game is fun.

There are many weapons, cars and different characters which you encounter on your journey. The main story is well written and really enjoyable and the games main point which is “Killing Nazis” is fun, and trust me there is a lot of it. The game is a violent one and there is nudity and coarse language, I would not suggest it for everyone but it is worth checking out. As I previously mentioned, there are parts which are accurate and some that are not, but it is still a fun and different World War II game to play. I hope you enjoyed part one of this blog, check back next week for part two, bringing back the game!


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