3 in 1: Harbowl, Quarterbacks and NHL Fantasy


This week I decided to try something new, I will be sharing three quick blogs in one with different topics for each one. I hope that you enjoy all three, this is of course a trial and I would be very grateful to hear some of  your opinions on them to help tweak them, or if I should make these into 3 separate blogs and distribute them throughout the week. Something around those lines, thanks a lot and hope you enjoy them!

So that game last night was one heck of a game! The game included a strong lead by the Baltimore Ravens thanks to Joe Flacco and the offense and a good defensive showing lead by Ray Lewis stopped the 49ers and lead at the half 21-6. Then there was the so-so half-time show. I only say mediocre, because I am not a fan of that kind of music, however it was interesting to watch the show but I watch the Superbowl for the football; not the halftime show. The beginning of the 2nd half saw on the kick off Jacoby Jones return a 108-yard touchdown, thus sealing the fate of the game. Not so fast, a few minutes later the lights went out in the Super-Dome and play was stopped for almost 30 minutes while they fixed the lights. This abrupt stop had swung the momentum of the game and lead to the San Fransico 49ers scoring 17 unanswered points and pushed till the end of the game until the last minute where they missed a chance to take the lead and ultimately lost 34-21. The Ravens are the Super Bowl Champions. It was a great game with a unique story that almost became a huge comeback win that turned into a Ravens win with Ray Lewis walking into the sunset retiring a Super Bowl Champ and putting the finishing touches on a great NFL season.

To continue with football, can we stop saying the new era of Quarterbacks is here?  It is really starting to get on my nerves. Yes Robert Griffin the 3rd (RG3) Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson are great for the game and great to watch, but the idea that this is going to be the new way that all QB’s play is insane. If it was up to me and I had to pick a QB to lead my franchise I would still pick Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning over the kids just because who knows how long they will be able to run like this. Sports sociologist say the average life span of an NFL running back is 3 years, yes I know, I know RBs and QBs are apples and Oranges but there have been players that did this in the past and they have had unique careers to say the least. Look at Michael Vick and Vince Young, they have had good starts to their career, but have really struggled after a few years, especially Young. Young struggled after a nasty injury in his 3rd year and his mobility was not very good after that and did not even play last season. Vick, well he had and awful season and looks to be losing his job in Philly. I am not saying the same thing will happen to these three QBs but if one of their best weapons is their legs well then the more wear and tear on them could lead to a shorter career. I just don’t think it is time to announce that its now the only way to be QB. I leave it at this, these guys are exciting and I enjoy watching them, but if I had a choice for my QB I would still go with someone like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Man this has been one heck of a start to the hockey season! Teams like the San Jose Sharks, Chicago Blackhawks have been coming out of the gates strong, the Montreal Canadiens have turned over a whole forest never mind a leaf with the way they are playing this year. Edmonton Oilers have exciting young players and many more things going on in the NHL. It is a great time to be a fan, but I am not here to talk about how the teams are doing just yet because it is still early, what I am here to talk about is NHL fantasy. If you thought that NFL Fantasy was hard and had a lot of maintenance well think again, the NHL fantasy league has way more maintenance, mainly because unlike the NFL where it is weekly the NHL is daily and with games being played everyday you need to check back for injuries, trades, waivers and hot and cold players. You have to make a lot more decisions quickly, especially adding and dropping players who are injured and cold cause you never know who will take them. My team The Mighty Pigs (see Simpsons for name) is in a unique situation, I am now in the middle of the standings with now 4 injured players that include Jason Spezza with only one IR spot and really does not know what to do with them, only time will tell I suppose. There are trades I am trying to do before I drop certain players, it is stuff like this that can make someone go insane. The scoring system is well done. You get points in goals, assists, power play points plus/minus, hits, shots, wins, and goals against average, shutouts and save percentage. With all of those points to obtain you do not just pick the top scoring players, you need to take guys who hit, shoot and more which makes it really fun and challenging. If you have time in your busy schedule I suggest that you try it with friends or join a league, it is worth it and it keeps interest in not only your team you cheer for but also to see how the other teams are doing with your players.

I hope you enjoyed these three blogs and would love your feedback on how I can improve this. Also for more great Sports articles and a few more of mine check out http://lastwordonsports.com/ you wont regret it!


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