Madden Curse Broken?


So another NFL season has come and gone with many great memories and heartbreaks, however with that said there are millions of football fans still playing Madden 13, a football game developed by EA Sports. This is a very good game with great graphic and game play, but I am not here to rate the game, (8.5/10) but to talk about the possibility that the Madden Curse has been broken.  John Madden an ex-NFL coach and commentator who lent his name to EA sports to create the football game, which came out in 1988 and the series has had a game every year since 1993. The “curse” started in 1999 when they decided to put a known NFL player on the cover instead of John Madden.

Running back Garrison Hearst was the first on the cover and is considered the one who started the curse when he broke his ankle that season and was out for two whole seasons. Daunte Culpepper was on the cover in 2002 and had one of the worst seasons ever and would later on get injured. The curse has also gotten top players such as Michael Vick (broken fibula), Ray Lewis (wrist injury), Donovan McNabb (ACL and Meniscus tear), Shaun Alexander (foot injury), and Troy Polamalu (MCL Sprain, later his posterior cruciate ligament). There were cases where players had awful seasons and could never bounce back like Vince Young, but you get the point that a lot of people got hurt, or that their careers were never the same since. This curse seemed to be so real that when San Diego Charger LaDainian Tomlinson was being considered for the 2008 cover that a large amount of fans protested against having him on the cover.

So now we hit Madden 13 with Calvin Johnson on the cover and Rey Lewis is in the introduction. Oddly enough it was Rey Lewis who got injured and missed most of the season, but has been a part of the Ravens playoff run and has been very effective. As for Johnson also known as Megatron, he had a fantastic record year. Megatron broke Jerry Rice’s single-season record of 1848 yards and finished the season with 1964 yards just missing 2000. I do have to point out that he did only have 5 touchdowns and that the Detroit Lions had a dismal season with a 4-12 record finishing 28th in the league, but aside that there have been no injuries for Johnson and a career year.

So with that said, is the curse broken? It all depends on how you look at it, if you believe in curses then it is still going on. In my opinion I think that there needs to be some consecutive seasons where nothing bad happens to the player himself, because it is hard to say that a video game is the reason why the Lions had a bad season. So if you count Johnson’s season as a season not affected by the curse (which I do) then lets see if the next person who makes the cover has a good season all the same with no freak injuries, then I think the curse itself will be completely broken.


One thought on “Madden Curse Broken?

  1. I really hope it breaks cuz all these players r amazi g at what they do and even though it is a contact sport with a high chance if injury I would like to see th not get hurt.
    But I also think another part to consider is the fact that in the past few years the nfl has made it dafter to play by better equipment and rules and it has worked very well so curse or no curse I think the fact that there r all these new rules and safety it will help alot as well.

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