Super Bowl: Canada should have fun commercials too!

Canada Needs SuperBowl commercials

So it is that time of year again, no not an official holiday, but in Canada and especially in the United States it might as well be considered a holiday, to most Football fans it is Super Bowl Sunday! February 3rd over 73 000 fans will go to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans to watch the San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens to compete for the top football prize the Vince Lombardi trophy. You can also count on the fact that there will be a projected amount of 100 million people in the United States watching the game with millions more in Canada and across the globe watching as well.

Last years numbers were so high that it is safe to assume that they will be just as high this time around, just look at last year’s game. Last year the Super Bowl XLVII (46 for those who happen to not know the roman numerals) the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 to win the Super Bowl in front of 68, 658 fans at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, not only did over 111 million people in the United States watch the game on TV and 8.1 million Canadians saw it and apparently over 17 million tuned in at one point or another according to TSN. That is a lot of people looking at a sporting event, but it is not just the game that people come to watch it is the half time show and of course the commercials! The Super Bowl commercials are usually 30-second clips of over the top TV which are promoting companies and their products and they are quite fun to watch, unfortunately I live in Canada and we do not get the American commercials here on regular cable. For a while they had not fixed the HD channels and one glorious year at my friends place we got to watch the Super Bowl with the American ads, it was really fun and made you understand why people watch the whole thing, but a while later they fixed the problem and once again we have Canadian commercials.

The problem is our commercials are quite boring and really repetitive, I forget the car brand, but last year there was one car commercial that showed at least twice every commercial break and when it comes to the Super Bowl there are a lot of them. The other issue is that many of the commercials are ones we see every day so to see them almost showing constantly in just this event gets you a tad irritated and bored. There was a commercial last year created by Budweiser where a flash mob of hockey fans went into an arena and watched a beer league game, but aside that there were no other commercials created for the game. There were a few commercials that made it through somehow, but again it was not all of them and then we would see that car commercial play three more times. I understand that there are regulations in place that are preventing the ads to come into Canada, but now I think it is time for Canadian advertisers to take advantage of this.

Since there is airtime available to be bought, Canadian companies (even the ones owned by Americans) like Tim Hortons, The Bay, Molson, Moose Head, Bell, Blackberry and other Canadian related content should take this time and make their own wacky commercials! Canadians are known to have a great sense of humor, so why not make some fun and different commercials for the Canadian audiences to watch. There are millions of Canadians watching the Super Bowl so it would be great to maybe get some Canadian celebrities who are local and international and put them into some commercials and promote whatever it is you are promoting to the Canadian Public. Get Rick Mercer, Guy Lafleur and Sarah McLachlan to argue over how they like their favorite drink to be made, or what the best kind of pizza to eat while watching the game, or something around those lines. Frankly this would get more attention while there are breaks from the game and maybe even get more viewers. If they try this out, it might actually work and jump over to the CFL and have Canadian made commercials for the Grey Cup! The possibilities are endless and I think now would be a great time for advertising companies to realize that there is a great opportunity here. So in closing, I will say this, give us the American commercials, or make fun Canadian commercials so we can enjoy the entire Super Bowl experience!


7 thoughts on “Super Bowl: Canada should have fun commercials too!

  1. You should be hired to market Grey Cup commercials and their value.
    I don’t think Canadian companies want to millions on 30 second commercials. Last year viewing the Super Bowl in Canada was not fun with the same commercial as you said was showed twice which cover the minute break between action.
    Good luck!

    • Haha that would be so cool to market something like the Grey Cup, thanks!
      I read on an old Globe and Mail article that the adds in Canada cost 130 000 dollars which compared to the estimated 4 million dollars being charged this year is nothing. American and Canadian companies should take advantage of that and make our breaks a bit more fun like in the States.

  2. Awesome blog. I completely agree it’s not fair that we have these horrible commercials,I remember one year the whole commercial period was a shipping company there was nothing else. Either company’s should try to make more funny commercials or just play the real ones from the American network.
    Also we all pay for Canadian networking and which ever Canadian network I put it in there showing American shows, the last big one was corner gas and it sucked, canada may not have the population or money as the United States but we still deserve to have good commercials especially for something like the Super Bowl
    I hope one day we will be able to enjoy the Super Bowl the way it was meant to be watched.

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